"Erin is full of energy and motivation. She always has new things to challenge my body and she is always focused on me during my sessions so that I am doing everything correctly. When I have a sore muscle, she is really good about working around it, but not ignoring the area just because it is sore. She really knows what she is doing! I feel so much better now that I train with Erin regularly. She is very approachable and easy to work with. She has an infectious personality and has a strong desire to see her clients succeed and meet their goals."

-Rachel, 39

"I've been working out with Erin for almost four months now and it's been fantastic. She has a very flexible schedule and is completely willing to adapt to your schedule. She's very enthusiastic about what she does, loves to hear your feedback to improve the quality of your workout. She gets involved on a very personal level to help you improve on the areas that you need, the form of your workout, and to make sure that you are also enjoying your workout. I would definitely recommend her as your personal trainer!" 

-Michael, 32

"Erin is a great personal trainer. She is accommodating of my schedule and works with me in my home. My workouts are fun and something that I can duplicate at home. I have had knee issues and Erin has worked around those issues, still providing me with challenging workouts. My knee is much stronger now as a result of our work together, and I am in much better shape. I really look forward to my workouts with Erin!" 

-Jane, 64

"Since I have started working out with Erin, I not only weigh less and feel better, but I have lowered my triglycerides and cholesterol. I wish I had started earlier in life, but it's never too late. Feeling good in retirement!"

-Pat, 62 

"Over the course of the past four months I have been engaged in an on-going regime of circuit training with Erin, and have made significant progress towards my ultimate goal of physical fitness. Among my goals are increased flexibility, coordination, and endurance. I enjoy working under Erin's guidance and supervision. Erin's enthusiasm inspires me to continue to achieve my goals, and strive even harder in my endeavor to improve my overall health and physical condition. Erin is quite knowledgeable in her training and always eager to explain not only the purpose of each exercise but also how the exercise benefits me as a client. I thoroughly enjoy my workouts and always look forward to my next session. I highly recommend Erin as a Personal Trainer for those who are seeking a professional instructor to guide them to physical fitness."

-Dan, 69

"Erin is a talented and dedicated professional who has made me a believer that exercise is one of the secret keys to a more energetic and vibrant life! I have been a client for approximately 4 years and I have improved my overall fitness in spite of a hectic and stress filled lifestyle, like so many other folks. Erin keeps each class fun, new, and interesting. She provides just the right amount of encouragement to keep me committed to my weekly exercise routine. Erin is a kind and caring leader and when life gets in the way of being able to attend class, she is always gracious and forgiving, which I always appreciate. I highly recommend entrusting Erin when looking for someone to guide you on your journey to better fitness and an improved sense of well-being"

-Client A, 58

"I was nervous to begin working out because of my previous wrist issues. Erin was very conscientious of this and always asked me how I was feeling. She always asked before we did something to make sure my wrists were safe. She's always aware and in tune to how your body is reacting to a certain workout. Erin is great at what she does. She has a calm demeanor but very motivating. She is constantly learning and bringing new work outs to the table. I loved my time with her and how she made me feel."

-Abby, 32

"I like the exercises that Erin plans for me for each session. She selects each exercise that fits to my goals and sets just enough time to do them. She is also good in guiding me how to do each of them in the correct form.

You are a very nice and it's fun doing the work out with you."

      -Chieu, 54