Guilt Free Holidays November 21 2017

So, Thanksgiving week is finally here! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Who doesn't love spending time with family, reflecting on gratitude, and an abundance of food!? Bonus: the weather is getting cooler! Whip out the sweaters while curling up on couch. It's the best time of the year!

However, now is the time when most of the fitness industry is trying to tell us that we 'shouldn't overindulge' and if we do, we need to get back in the gym pronto to 'burn off the extra calories'.

Well, I would like to remind you that food is to be enjoyed and it is OKAY to have a little extra if you want to, guilt-free! Food is good. Food is fuel. And food can be accompanied with feelings -- sadness, happiness, celebration, etc. But we shouldn't have to feel guilt for what we are choosing to put on our plate. Also, we shouldn't judge or comment on another person's choices. Eyes on your own plate! 

My holiday strategy is to take a spoonful or two of everything that I like! This way, I get to try everything that looks yummy but hopefully avoid feeling stuffed afterwards. A little dab of this, a little dollop of that! Over the years, I have tried to bring more focus into mindful or intuitive eating into my life. Bringing focus to when my body is telling me I'm hungry, satisfied, full, craving specific tastes, etc. Additionally, what better a time to consider and appreciate where our food came from than on Thanksgiving: who grew it, processed it, shipped it, delivered it, stocked it, etc. I like to take appreciation into the journey my food made all the way to my plate. 

On to exercise ...
This time of year can be crazy busy! So it's fine if your fitness routine needs to take a backseat for a few days or a week (or however long) because it's just too much hassle to get to while juggling family, travel, cooking, shopping, etc. Maybe you need extra workouts as a stress reliever? Or maybe you get to show your visiting family your favorite place to workout while they're in town and you want to share a workout together. However, don't ever feel you need to use exercise as a way of punishment. As a fitness professional, exercise as punishment breaks my heart. You should find joy in movement, whichever way you choose to move. There is no wrong or right way to move your body. Walking, yoga, weights, dancing, stretching, etc. Do what speaks to you, what feels good, and always listen to your body. 

Carry on with confidence.