Glorifying Obesity November 08 2017

Over the last several years, I have worked hard to truly implement a body positive foundation within my business and personal life.

What does this mean exactly? I try to offer services that can be inclusive to everyone. From teaching classes to personal training to making sure all persons can simply browse my website. Oftentimes, we get stuck in what we know and understand and overlook other people's experiences. So it's important to step back and try to wear someone's shoes the best we can.

I also work hard to not judge a person's health or fitness ability based on what they look like. Just because someone "looks" healthy or fit, doesn't necessarily mean that they are. Conversely, if someone "looks" unfit, they might surprise you with just how healthy and/or fit they are. Stop making assumptions based on body types or body fat percentage.

I also find it extremely important for persons of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels, ages, experiences, etc. to be VISIBLE in fitness and health marketing. It's essential to reach out to the individuals who are not current active within marketing strategies that speak to them. Are fitness models with 6 pack abs truly speaking to Grandma Jeanne? Or teenagers? Or your neighbor that has never exercised in their life? Or the person who's doctor said they need to incorporate movement to decrease their risks for diseases? My guess is no. People need to see exercisers who look like them. 

Here's where things take a turn. 

More and more companies and fitness professionals and the like are changing their marketing messages and approach towards non-exercisers in a way that provides inclusiveness and reflects a variety of body types. It's quite refreshing.

One problem I've noticed? People seem to believe that by using people who "don't look fit" are glorifying obesity. Ummm. What? Remember when I said that you don't know what someone's health is just by looking at them? Also, shaming and hating on larger body types has resulted in pushing people away from exercise. Who would have thought that saying mean things isn't motivating for people!? People need to hear that wherever they are that it's okay to be who are -- right now. And you don't have to look different if you don't want to. And if you want to incorporate exercise and make changes that I hope you partake in activity from a place of worth and love instead of exercising because due to hating your body. Punishing your body with exercise is not a healthy approach to movement. Embrace movement that you love and makes you feel good. And celebrate marketing that represents the majority and provides a positive message to all persons. We all deserve to take up space, move with joy, and not be ashamed if we don't 'fit a mold'. 

Carry on with confidence.