Florida: A New Chapter October 19 2017

I can hardly believe it, but here I am!

We arrived in Florida a week ago. It all still feels like vacation. Despite selling just about everything we own and loading up what was left into our two cars. I hope we don't have to make that drive again for a while, whew! 

I have been enjoying whatever this time and space brings me. I'm keeping an open-mind about it all as we wait to get fully settled. I have been using my (way too much) free time to soak up the sun, work on my online business, explore Lehigh/Fort Myers, and cherish this extra time I'm able to spend with my husband, pup, and in-laws. I am feeling a little anxious to get back to one-on-one training and teaching group fitness. It feels like a lot of time has passed already! 

I am taking time to work on my own body positivity / self confidence. I bought new swimwear and I keep thinking how much I'm rocking it. I am LOVING on my tummy lately, which is a delightful surprise because I have often felt this is the area 'I need work on'.  Bring on the high-waist shorts and crop tops! I think it takes time to really dive into such positive feelings sometimes, depending on where we are originally coming from and our current head-space.

Although I have had a lot of extra time, I have spent very little time exercising. I'm purposefully stepping back and putting more focus on the activities that move my body that I super dig. So, I've been swimming and doing some water aerobics everyday for the last week. It's been pleasant and I haven't been creating pressure to feel as if I have to get something crossed off a to do list. 

Carry on with confidence.